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Front-End Web Developer

Ongoing Part time · contract · Remote


I’m looking for a talented web developer to assist me on an ongoing basis, approximately 2 days every week.

Must be skilled at front-end development, excel at Javascript and jQuery, and have familiarity with basic backend solutions.

The ideal candidate is a freelancer based in the US or Canada. 
This is a remote position.

The developer will work on projects for both Sketch Master and Peter Nowell Design clients.

The Work Involved

• Implementing Javascript libraries like the Green Sock Animation Platform and Isotope masonry layout.
• Assist in planning the structure of custom templates in a CMS. Templating plays an increasingly important role in my web-based projects.*
• You should be familiar with at least the basics of Node.js or other server-side Javascript.
• Collaborating on the implementation of web-based projects. In the past, I had a lot of success when a developer handled the JS, I handled the CSS, and both of us defined the HTML structures together. I’m not looking to remove myself entirely from the development of my projects; the ideal developer can be a partner. Someone to assist where my skill set is limited (JS, backend), and who can take ownership over mini-projects.
• A mini-project might be focused on a certain feature entirely in Javascript, or it might be a full web-page where you handle all of the HTML and JS, and at least some of the CSS.

Soft Skills

• Must balance high-level planning with attention to detail.
• Must brainstorm and implement creative solutions to uncommon design or engineering challenges. Your role is just as much problem solving as execution.
• Similarly, must be able to understand and envision user experiences (the end result), and work backwards to various technical solutions. This begins with an appreciation for design  in general, and a belief that engineers are equally involved in the design process—in both the exterior and the interior of what we make.
• Must have stellar communication skills, especially when explaining abstract technical concepts.

Why You’ll Love This Role

• You will work on both product user experiences and marketing websites. Some are more utilitarian, others more artistic.
• These projects will have you working across frameworks for animation, video players, advanced layouts, SVG, backends, CMS templating, and more.
• Designs that push the envelope: The projects we work on are unconventional, beautiful, and demanding of creative solutions to technical feats.
• You get to work with a designer who understands and can discuss development, while letting you take ownership over how your work gets done.

How I Like to Work

• We define the needs for a task/project together.
• We both contribute ideas for how to solve/implement it.
• We figure out who does what, and check in throughout the process as necessary.

I’m always interested in these conversations going two-ways; I’m not going to tell you how to do your job.

Scheduling & Compensation

As a fellow freelancer, I understand that you would be working with other clients too. Our work together will be scheduled in full days (rather than hourly) although I’m flexible about which weekdays you work.

Compensation will be commensurate with experience. Let me know your typical hourly or daily rate. I’m also open to having you on retainer (providing an advance payment), to secure those 2-days of your time each week.

Start date: As soon as possible. No later than mid-March 2017.

Please contact me through the form above if you are interested. Include a LinkedIn profile and/or your website, and why you think you’re a good fit for the specifics of this role.


* Templating example: Imagine there are 12 possible variations of a webpage layout. Designing and implementing a template in a CMS means figuring out what options (like a few checkboxes) can generate all of the potential end results, then implementing those rules with template merge tags and basic logic inside pre-compiled HTML documents.