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Training Content Creation Assistance

Part time, contract-basis

I’m looking for a creative assistant (especially a video editor) to help me create more video training content.

I have an ambitious roadmap for creating new courses for Sketch Master, and various organizations have approached me looking to commission training videos of similar quality. There’s a lot of content to make!

Although it produces beautiful results, my current process for making training content is time intensive, and I’m looking for creative professionals who can assist at either of the following stages:

Screen-recording design software workflows, guided by an audio narration of what to do on-screen.

Video editing of screen recordings. This is a meticulous process of editing the raw screen recording to align with the narrated audio track.

Both of these tasks would require some level of familiarity with the design software and workflows that are the subject of the training (primarily Sketch). That isn’t a prerequisite though—anyone can learn those skills if they’re interested and eager.

Video editing is what I would most like assistance with; it is the easiest entry point for somebody looking to work on these courses, and it requires the least amount of design-software knowledge.

If you or someone you know might be a good fit for this work, please get in touch!

Here is an example of a course video from Sketch Master: