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Part time, Remote contractor

1 day a week + 1 hour every day
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Start Date:
April 2019

Hi there, my name is Peter. I’m an independent graphic designer and educator working on a diverse assortment of creative projects.

To support me and the projects, I’m looking for an enthusiastic helper—a customer communicator, marketing coordinator, and all around “get-it-doner.” Let’s just call it an “assistant!”

Your assistance will directly help the projects succeed and gain recognition. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to learn a lot of practical skills pertaining to small business, communications, and maybe even design.

As always, the role is what you make it. You will help define it, and we’ll maintain a constant conversation about how much you’d like to work and what most excites you. We’ll start with a few responsibilities and grow from there. I hope we will share a productive and fun collaboration for years to come!

Some projects I’m currently working on:

  • Sketch Master: Online training courses that empower thousands of designers around the world

  • A campaign to redesign the flag of San Francisco

  • Exciting and beautiful design projects that fuse together different mediums and push technical boundaries. Projects like the public art project True Blue, or French Press Films’s website and brand identity.

  • Free articles, tutorials, and tools that serve designers and the broader creative community


Primary Responsibilities

  • Be a first line of defense for Sketch Master customer emails and social media responses, flagging anything that requires my direct response.

    • Currently, the vast majority of emails require no technical expertise and pertain to several common needs or requests. I have systems, pre-written answers, and templates to assist with all of these.

    • We aim to respond quickly on weekdays and within a day on weekends.

  • Coordinate the Peter Nowell Design newsletter. Keep us on a consistent release schedule, compile the content into our email template, and manage recipient segmentation in Mailchimp.

  • Assist in the promotion of my design articles, courses, and other news.

  • Simple updates to websites, like adding a new blog post to an easy-to-use CMS (based on Squarespace).

  • Help to coordinate and submit entries of portfolio projects to design competitions.

  • If you are interested in writing, there will be opportunities to assist with writing social media posts and newsletters. This is optional—not expected.

I see most of these tasks as collaborative, where you would help coordinate these efforts even if I still need to create most of the content. Just as I’ll give you tasks, I expect you to identify tasks for me. “Ok, Peter, I’ve got this newsletter planned out, and this is what I'll need from you—two graphics and a description of XYZ.”

I also fully anticipate there will be a learning curve with some of these tasks, and am ready to spend the time getting you up to speed.



  • Have an enthusiastic, can-do, get-shit-done attitude!

  • Be eager to learn new skills and software

  • Be detail oriented (especially because my audience is largely detail-oriented designers)

  • A good writer who appreciates the beauty of clear, succinct prose with correct grammar and meticulous punctuation. Awareness to tone of voice—and the willingness to adapt that tone to different contexts and levels of formality—is an essential part of this role.

  • Be a US citizen and native English speaker

  • Have a Mac computer

Non-Essential, but Nice to Have

  • Based in the San Francisco or New York City areas

  • Past customer service experience

  • Past experience using Mailchimp

  • This is not a designer role, but any creative experience is welcome!


This role includes both quick, reactive work (like responding to emails), and full-day focused work (like preparing a newsletter or project launch). The reactive work will take, on average, one hour each day. The focused work on mini projects will benefit from a full day once a week, for which we can arrange a schedule that accommodates your routine and other commitments.


Compensation will be commensurate with experience, and will be an open conversation beginning by discussing your typical hourly or daily rate.

I’m also open to having you on retainer (providing advance payments), to secure a certain amount of your time each week.

Evolution of the Role

Beyond a few fundamental responsibilities, the role can grow and evolve based on what you’re interested in!

  • We’ll begin with responding to Sketch Master emails, and coordinating specific marketing projects.

  • Based on current needs and what interests you, the role may expand to include any of the following: triaging my design work emails, basic scheduling, coordinating training course production, handling lightweight design tasks, handling invoicing and basic bookkeeping, or anything else you’d like to focus on.

  • The amount of time required will presumably grow along with the role. I could easily see this becoming a 3-day per week job, and maybe eventually full time.

I’m looking for someone who sees this as an exciting opportunity to develop their own skills while supporting inspiring and meaningful creative projects.

If that describes you, let’s talk!

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