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Communications Assistant

Part time, contract-basis

This person would help coordinate the customer communications, email and social marketing, and other promotional activity for Peter Nowell Design and Sketch Master.

This job requires a little bit of time most days of the week.

This is a remote position. The ideal candidate is a freelancer based in the US.


Frequent Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Be a first line of defense for Sketch Master customer emails and social media responses, flagging anything that requires Peter’s direct response.

    • Currently, the vast majority of emails require no technical expertise and pertain to several common needs or requests. I have systems, pre-written answers, and templates to assist with all of these.

    • We aim to respond quickly on weekdays and within a day on weekends.

  • Coordinate the Peter Nowell Design newsletter. Keep us on a consistent release schedule, compile the content into our email template, and manage recipient segmentation in Mailchimp.

  • Assist in the promotion of Peter’s design articles, courses, and other news.

  • Simple updates to websites, like adding a new blog post or content to Squarespace.

  • Help to coordinate and submit entries of portfolio projects to design competitions.

  • If you are interested in writing, there will be opportunities to assist with writing social media posts and newsletters. This is optional—not expected.

  • Brainstorm marketing ideas, strategies, and related projects w/ Peter.

I see all of these tasks as collaborative, where this person would help coordinate these efforts even if I still need to create most of the content. Just as I’ll give them tasks, I expect them to identify tasks for me. “Ok, Peter, I’ve got this newsletter planned out, and this is what I'll need from you—two graphics and a description of XYZ.” I also fully anticipate there will be a learning curve with some of these tasks, and am ready to spend extra time getting him/her up to speed.


Schedule & Time Needed

The majority of this work is quite flexible, and can be scheduled when convenient for both of us. We’d most likely start with 1 day each week, focused on building the newsletter or preparing an announcement. In addition, it might make sense to plan hour-long blocks to address customer emails and social media responses, 2 or 3 days each week.

I expect the amount of time needed each week will increase over time, and also alongside certain project launches.

I’m very open to figuring out a plan for scheduling that accommodates this person’s routine.


Compensation will be commensurate with experience, and will be an open conversation beginning by discussing the candidate’s typical hourly or daily rate.

I’m also open to having this person on retainer (providing an advance payment), to secure a certain amount of time each week.


Must have Mac computer.

Start date: As soon as possible. December or early January.

Please contact me through the “Contact” button at the top of this page if you are interested. Include a LinkedIn profile and/or your website, and why you think you’re a good fit for the specifics of this role.